URL search not working?

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Avatar (SF) kit kat 3 post(s)

I created a URL search with the following URL, which I obtained from creating a search and storing it in my favourite searches, then opening it into a new tab:

When I create a search with this, to be displayed in a new tab, nothing happens. If I create a text search, it works fine – but I want to restrict to my country, so I need to use an URL.

I managed to get it to work, but the tabs hadn’t updated ( for ex. there was nothing with more than 2 days until auction end0, even when manually asking for the search to run. I deleted the search and restarted the program, then entered the above URL – no dice.

Any idea what I can try next?

Avatar (SF) kit kat 3 post(s)

Also tried the URL:

I can see the message “loading from URL” and then “done loading from URL” but nothing happens. I send the data to a new tab, but the tab is not created (used to be created automatically).

I’m just wondering if I’m using an incorrect URL? though both work even when I’m logged out. No error log created. Is there an option to see more of what happens in the background?

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Sure, let me try to explain what happened here…

First off, that search returns a page where the items only go to about 2 days out. JBidwatcher’s URL load doesn’t read subsequent pages, it only loads items which it finds on the given URL.

My suggestion would be to create three searches, one for each of the pages returned (just capture the URL after each page load), and have all three point to the same output tab.

Also, since you suggested you’ve deleted the items out once already, you might have to go into JBidwatcher’s Configuration Manager, under the General tab, and uncheck ‘Ignore deleted items in search results’. Now re-run all three searches, and you’re pretty much set.

Another possible thing to do is change your sort order to ‘Newest listed first’, and then set it up to do a once-a-day scan of those items, which probably won’t fill up a page per day, and after that it’ll keep you up to date.

The core thing to remember is that when doing a URL search, JBidwatcher doesn’t try to load subsequent pages, so if you want some range of multiple pages, you need to manage that yourself.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar (SF) kit kat 3 post(s)

thanks, you’re right I think it was the “ignore deleted items” and the multiple pages that got me :)