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I want to modify the User agent reported by JBid but I do not know if it is the Java runtime environment that is sending the UA or if it is the JB software.

Anyone know which sends the UA?

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JBidWatcher sends the ua. It’s somewhere in the Java code.

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It’s in

It’s one of the things that I wanted to keep centrally located, so it could change. I’m tempted to even move it out to a configuration file.

Anyhow, be careful! eBay has been known to send different HTML back when provided different User Agents!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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So it looks like I would have to download the source and make the changes and then recompile?

I have a proxy server that does this for my browsers but JB does not work through it. I belive this is because my proxy server presents a certificate to be able to decrypt SSL connections and the java runtime environment is balking. (I see no way to import this certificate or accept it.) I get this error when I put the cursor over the upper right hand corner of the screen where it says “not logged in”: Sun.Security.Validator.ValidatorException: PKIX Path building failed: Sun.Security.Provider.CertPathBuilderException: Unable to find valid certification path in requested target