Sign in fail with html error 405

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Avatar dickyfit 15 post(s)

Ebay login detail on the machine that runs jbidwatcher haven’t changed in quite some time. It’s been a solid performer.

The guys on the esniper sourceforge thread seem to be making some progress. They think the 405 error is down to a new java script based login page. Not everyone is getting the new login page, some locations are still being served the original page.

Avatar ToKa 9 post(s)

@ dickyfit:
I see the same behavior with MacOS 10.12.6

Browser login is ok, and com
But JBidWatcher is not getting the sign in cookie.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

now looks more and more to me it’s an issue related to area servers.

Anyone having that issue from USA accessing

My JBW is set to snipe in 34 hours for an item (didn’t find any good deals on bidding lately), and we will find out if it still works well for me soon.

Avatar Ron 10 post(s)

I believe the 405 error is a JBW problem. I have been getting the same failure to log in error for quite some time now. I have logged in and out of eBay and still cannot get JBW to long in.

Avatar Ron 10 post(s)

I’m in the US

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

sad to hear that…. I’d been using JBW for so many years, never had that issue (yet).

The only difference I can observe is that I am on Mac OS X, and assuming you all are not.

Avatar ToKa 9 post(s)

>>I see the same behavior with MacOS 10.12.6

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

Today – my JBW broke for the first time with the same error 405. ( Mac OS X).
I’m on OS X 10.13.6

I will try it on 10.14 and 10.15 later when I have time and report the findings.

Avatar Shendue 4 post(s)

As far as alternatives go, I’ve read of BidSlammer and Gixen, but both are browser-based.
One of the main reasons I always used JBW is that it’s not web-based and seems a little bit more reliable in terms of security.

Avatar Ron 10 post(s)

I have not used JBW for probably two years. Too many problems getting signed in to eBay. I use Gixen which I find very reliable and there is no need to have the computer on. Just schedule your bid(s) and forget it.

Avatar ivan 11 post(s)

Mooooorrrgan ? Hi,

I’m struggling with eBay, since yesterday, I posted 4 messages. They stay evasive in their responses, avoiding to reply to the main question “What has changed ?”. Guess what they did ? They directed me to this post ! ! !
Besides, my loggin issues and password re-initialisations are part of the package, completely rotting my life with them.

I read again the web concerning the 405 error:
This site is providing some interesting tips for troubleshooting the issue.
From my understanding the server receives the request, understand it but decides it’s not compliant to the expected protocol. I
“Conversely, a 405 code response confirms that the requested resource is valid and exists, but the client has used an unacceptable HTTP method during the request.”
However, it seems that there are some 50 variants to formulate the request and that wouldn’t ease the process.

we really are starving in front this problem and eager to get it solved. Please !

Avatar Dave_Burton 13 post(s)

There’s a “ticket” open on this problem (since Dec. 10, 2019), here:
and another one (since Nov. 25, 2019), here:

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