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Avatar wbu 3 post(s)

If you’re having login fail due to eBay captcha, using a browser, login to eBay and if you receive a prompt to enter/verify your mobile number, that may be the cause of JBidWatcher’s inability to login. JBW seems to think that the prompt to enter/verify phone number is a Captcha dialog, so if you get rid of that message (by entering a mobile number), then you’ll also probably eliminate your login problems.

Hope this helps.

Avatar cornz 2 post(s)

Sadly, at least in my case, that doesn’t work. After verifying my phone number, then entering the capture, Jbid still pops up a dialouge and wont allow me to log in.
Do hope this is fixable, i really do like this software. After the author of auction sentry sold out, this was a solid replacement.