Time Left not being retrieved

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Avatar Liam 20 post(s)

I had a successful Snipe on 27 May 2019 at 20:52, then I had a snipe not fire on May 28, 2019, 06:59:16 PM PDT. When I checked Jbidwatcher to see why every line had “N/A” in the Time left column.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Understandable that the snipe didn’t fire when JBW was unable to retrieve the Time left.

I’m hoping that Ebay hasn’t made a change that hs finally killed Jaybidwatcher :-(

Thanks, Liam

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

From what I gather, the BUY-IT-NOW listings has a N/A time Left as eBay now will automatically extend the listing once the cycle is up, usually it’s 30 days.

Maybe the seller change the listing and made it a BIN format before the bidding listing is up, as there are lack of bidders or watchers.

My JBW just successfully send out a snipe 9 seconds before ending of a listing as expected, but since My bid is too low, I didn’t win, but JBW sniped alright.

Avatar Liam 20 post(s)

I have both BIN and auctions in my list. I’ll delete the JBW database and re-add the things I am watching to see if that fixes things. Thanks for the reply!

Avatar Liam 20 post(s)

Deleting the database and re-adding auctions did the trick! Phew!

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I used to keep old listings, but I can delete them now as eBay does not keep it that long and whenever you want to show in browser an old listing that has ended, eBay will now redirect you to something similar, and not that listing anyways.

I delete all those ended, and I also do “clear deleted tracking” under File menu.

Enjoy JBW.