Capcha Issues

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Avatar Dodgy Geezer 107 post(s)

I have been caught by the capcha problem recently, and was unable to solve it.

Then I went to my email, and found a warning from Ebay that they had noted suspicious activity on my account. They had then added the capcha which blocked me, and called for a password change. Once I did this, JBidwatcher started working again.

I think that there was no malicious activity, but that Ebay are very sensitive and are temporarily blocking accounts if their AI warns them of as possible attack. An account block is easy to see and respond to if you sign on to Ebay manually, but not if you use a program like JBidWatcher. In that case you may think that JBidWatcher has failed, or the Ebay are blocking it.

If you hit a capcha problem using JBidWatcher, check that you haven’t received any warning messages from Ebay. Even if you haven’t, changing passwords occasionally is a good idea, and may reset the Ebay safety block.

It worked for me….

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I think you are correct. I had problem once, and it was probably due to eBay being hacked, and they just want you (the owner) to go in and change password and authenticate yourself again. I’d even had lots of problem login knowing that I’d typed the correct and changed a couple of times too until I called and talked to eBay staff, and they told me to use my email address instead of my user ID to login, and it works every time and after that I don’t have those login issues and JBW is sniping and winning for me even up till now as long as I am willing to cast a high enough bid to win (sometimes I go too cheap and just want to try if I can win at a ridiculous low price.

So, have fun, good luck to you all and don’t snipe on those I want to win from now on. okay? :-D