Captcha woes

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Avatar salimoneus 8 post(s)

Have been getting the captcha login error for quite some time. It happens every single time, I haven’t had a successful login from jbidwatcher in like a year so it’s not even usable. Never get captcha requests when logging in from my Firefox browser, not even once that I can remember.

Can jbidwatcher just emulate a browser login? Like maybe let the user press a button to configure jbidwatcher to copy all the “user agent” stuff and whatever else is necessary from their preferred browser?

I don’t know the specifics of how jbw performs the login, but just tossing out an idea.

Thanks for all your development efforts, this neat app has scored me some great deals.


Avatar Dodgy Geezer 107 post(s)

Yes – I also have fallen over the capcha, and can find no way to get JBidwatcher to sign in. It is now effectively unusable for me.

Avatar Dodgy Geezer 107 post(s)

Turns out that the capcha woes are due to ebay panicking over recent purchases – they went away after I changed password…