Unable to download/install jbw

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I used to use jbw quite a bit in the past, just dropped out of the habit. I have tried several times to pull down a fresh install and it keeps being deleted by Norton Internet Security as a medium security threat. I am on Windows 10 64 bit latest build running Norton Internet Security
Details of error…
Threat name WS.Reputation.1
Thousands of users in Norton community have used this file.
This file was released 2 years 1 month ago
This file is medium risk.

Threat type: Insight Network Threat. There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe.
This threat has been removed. No further action required.

I really liked jbw when I used us use it, nothing came even close. I did sign up for Gixen in last year, can’t remember why, it seemed to have a link to jbw if i recall, but haven’t had any joy with that either. I would gladly make another donation to jbw, if it worked anything like it used to.

Really would like to get something working again, any advice appreciated – Thx