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Avatar Quwax 2 post(s)

recently I experience that Snipes are failing.
Although Snipe time is set to 12 secondes, the Snipe is fired to late.
The internal watch is correct, so the snipe fires to late and thus I lost some auctions.
I’m currently on MacOS 10.12 using JBidwatcher v2.99
Any tips would be highly appreciated.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I am not having that problem with settings of 9 seconds on my end. I am using OS X 10.12.5 and still keeping winning auctions despite not getting any thumbnails images.

Perhaps you can update your Mac OS, and in JBW, under SERVERS pull down menu bar, select to view the “Time Information”, and then “Synchronize Time”.

My Time here has a Page Load time = 1075, and eBay time delta = -326


Avatar RobMW 1 post

I had the same problem last night. JBid missed the auction. It prep’d and fired too late (14sec). I had it set to an 8sec snipe so a 22 second error.
AFAIK time was synch’d.
OSX 01.12.5
JBid 2.99pre5
1Gbs ethernet (at work)

Listing ended at Wed Aug 02 01:45:49 AEST 2017

Wed Aug 02 01:43:45 AEST 2017: Loading bid request…
Wed Aug 02 01:43:46 AEST 2017: Done loading bid request, got form… (that should have been enough time)
Wed Aug 02 01:46:03 AEST 2017: Submitting bid form. (missed it)
Wed Aug 02 01:46:03 AEST 2017: Firing actual snipe.
Wed Aug 02 01:46:05 AEST 2017: Cancelling snipe.
Wed Aug 02 01:46:05 AEST 2017: Cancelling snipe, auction is reported as ended.

My older MacPro at home (10.8.6 max’d out OS, Jbi prev version) doesn’t synch anymore, but at least it fires on time.

Unfortunately I think my beloved JBidW is dead in the water and unreliable. :-(

Well done on a great product though Morgan. :-)
I think i even donated $$ a few years back.

Cheers Rob

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

sorry to hear that.

Today my JBW sniped and won again. My Mac probably is in screen sleep mode, but it fired, and here’s what I use:

JBidwatcher (2.99pre5-2-g7251940)
OS X 10.12.6

I just leave my computer, and it will have eventually black screen, but it will stay on and fire snipes.

Well, don’t see much of a difference, as I was on 10.12.5 and JBW worked too, The only thing might be that your system is set to sleep and it did not wake in time. Check your energy settings.etc. I upgraded to SSD and lots or RAM so I keep the machine on 24/7 and not to worry much about heat generated by rotational HDD anymore. It works well so far for me, except that the thumbnails don’t work now, but it does not hinder JBW ability to snipe for me so far.

Let me know if anything else you see as could be changed to make it work for you again.