VERY Disapointed

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Avatar jbeezz 4 post(s)

Once jbidwatcher was the best sniper out there. No more…. NOTHING works. It’s an ordeal just to start it up. It doesn’t update anything and it doesn’t SNIPE.
Years ago when I had my MAC the program worked perfectly. Now it’s a dud.
Perhaps one day when you get it fixed and working I’ll try again but for now I have to say … bye.

Avatar Roger W 14 post(s)

Not necessarily for all of us.
I am using 2.99 pre 5 on Win 10 and it’s fine if a little clunky. Been using JBid for years and it’s FREE!
It loads, updates and snipes on a regular basis. We all know that Morgan has a life, a family and, hopefully at present, a job.
We also know that an update is in the pipeline but requires fitting in with all those other things that life demands.
Most of us are still appreciative of that!

Avatar Brianwuz 1 post

I just had a huge let down. Jbid worked great years ago. Very reliable. Lately I even bought a small item this morning to test it. Tonight 2 min before auction end, it tries to get pre-bid sign in and fails. Good thing I was paranoid and watching it. Clicked refresh ebay session and it went green again. at 1m and 1 seconds the timer stopped counting and 6 seconds before end of auction the log says ebay reported auction ended. A huge let down by Jbidwatcher. It is very unreliable
I am appreciative of his work on the program but if it doesn’t work right then let people know. I need to find another way to snipe.

Avatar Muppet 1 post

I must admit that there are a couple of bugs, but on the whole, I’ve used JBW on my various Mac’s and it has pretty much always worked for me. On the rare occasion it hasn’t, it’s been inconvenience, but not the end of the World. If it was something so very very important, I’m usually not so lazy and actually sit there and make the bid myself. Like Roger W, I’ve donated on a number of occasions for it because it’s been super handy and , hey….. the guy makes if for free. That’s FREE.

Avatar nevster 1 post

If you can’t get it to work and you’re only interested in the searching, you can try out – it doesn’t do sniping but it does a lot of fancy filtering. I develop it in my spare time like Morgan does with JBidwatcher. I’ve always followed his work with interest because we play in the same space. I’m really interested to see what he’s cooking up for version 3.

And I highly recommend donating to encourage his development. Calculate how much you reckon you’ve saved by using his app and work out a percentage to donate.

Avatar RChadwick 2 post(s)

I’d love to donate, if I could actually get it working. My AuctionTamer subscription is about to end, and as it’s dead as a doornail, I’m desperately looking for a replacement. I really wanted to like jbidwatcher, and on paper it seems to have all the features, but I just can’t get it working.