OK been running 2.56 bit 2/99 fails

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What’s up with the new 2.99 pre5 installer into XP? Running XP. I’ve done a lot of test work and reported in the past… Trying to install 2.99 and fails here: Unable to write to C:\Program Files\CyberFOXSoftware\JBidwatcher\jre8\bin\client\jvm.dll …

Yes the original program was not active at all but not uninstalled? Any ideas?

Avatar cleangroove 9 post(s)

Hello fellow users… OK so 2.99 pre5 does not install windows XP… fails as stated above. I’ve had luck with 2.56 for a long time but lately it either snipes perfectly or does not even attempt to send the snipe???

OK so lets look at the log and find out what’s up… There is no log! There used to be but I have NO idea where it’s going. I have my path set up for the C:\Program Files\JBidwatcher\auctions.xml but even that is already over 2 months behind… so I do have the auctions.xml file but its last entry was March 2016… this is May 2016. The log file that used to record the process is long gone and is not in the C:\Program Files\JBidwatcher\ folder nor is it in my C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\ which is where I usually look as an alternate location.

Any ideas on either my 2.56 problem or my lack of being able to install my 2.99 pre5? THANK YOU TO ALL!

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Hi… Bump… Anyone? My 2.56 is failing snipes now. Again… here is the error trying to install 2.99pre5

“unable to write file c:\Program Files\JBidwatcher\2.99pre5\jre8\bin\dtplugin\deployJava1.dll”

Yes I’ve tried uninstalling 2.56, installing 2.99 and I still get this error. I have the latest java installed.


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I’ve upgraded my WinLOSE machine to Win 7 and the new 2.99.pre5 works… so I guess after months since I’ve posted this I’ve answered my own question just in case anyone stops by. 2.99pre5 does not work on XP and it probably has something to do with Java… Java me this and Java me that. Anyway I’ve glad it works. Thanks Morgan for the efforts for a thankless job!