Can no longer add items into JBidwatcher!!

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Avatar Hoddy 108 post(s)

It would seem Ebay have made some changes (to the UK site) as I can no longer add items into JBidWatcher. If I click ‘Get My Ebay Items’ it tells me how many are new but doesn’t add them. I also cannot add items by inputting their number. So for me JBidWatcher is now broken…..


Avatar Dave_Burton 13 post(s)

Hidey Ho Hoddy (I just had to write that),

Today I started up JBidwatcher (2.5.6-11-gac197d6), and it seemed very sluggish. Even clicking on the “Current” and “Complete” tabs did nothing for about a half-minute, before finally responding. I tried repeatedly to add an item (first by the big “+” button and pasting in the auction number, then by dragging and dropping), and it just wouldn’t work.

But it eventually did work. It apparently wasn’t failing, it was just so slow that I thought it was failing.

I started up process explorer, and I could see that the java runtime (for jbidwatcher) was (and still is, an hour later) stuck in a hard loop. It’s using slightly more than 25% of the CPU, continually, on a quad-core machine.

Eventually, something must have finished, because now I can click on the “Current” and “Complete” tabs, and it switches views promptly. But java is still stuck in a hard loop, pegging the CPU at just over 25% (i.e., one core at 100%, plus a little usage of another core).

Here’s a screen-shot:

In the screen shot you can see both jbidwatcher and process explorer. You can see that java has one CPU core pegged. (I also pasted a capture of the java thread list onto the bottom of the screenshot.)

You can also see another minor bug (just a nit): the screen layout isn’t quite right for the “add” window. The buttons are clipped off at the bottom. This sort of issue is common in programs when the Windows DPI (dots-per-inch) setting is adjusted, but mine is set to the standard 96 dpi.

Another minor bug (also a nit) is that jbidwatcher didn’t find the shipping cost for the auction. It seems that it never does, anymore.

Those are minor issues, though. The pegged CPU core and extreme sluggishness is a major issue (or perhaps two major issues).

I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium on an i5-2310-based Dell desktop with 8 GB of RAM. My Java is Java 8 Update 45 (version, and jbidwatcher is the only reason I have Java installed. So I can change Java versions, if that would work around the problem.

Any idea what’s going on, Morgan?

UPDATE: I let it continue to run, and after a couple of hours it ceased pegging the CPU. While idle, it’s now using 2-3% of the CPU (which would be 8-12% of one core). I don’t have any idea what changed.

Avatar jyhelle 1 post

On the french site I could add items until two days ago where I was stopped by the “yellow” button and could no longer add anything. Some items get added as a “null” description, while the vast majority of add requests just die silently …
I also noticed the sluggishness of JW, albeit I am not sure it started exactly at the same time.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

The null items are ones that aren’t visible in the US, generally due to not offering PayPal as an option; go into JBidwatcher’s configuration and under the eBay tab, set the ‘Prefer non-US…’ checkbox. You’ll probably have to restart. After that, it’ll do all its item retrieval and bidding against, instead of, which should give you access to items listed in non-US marketplaces and without PayPal support.

The ‘yellow’ button is probably eBay putting up a message on login, that JBidwatcher doesn’t recognize. Log in as yourself on eBay and see what they’re prompting, if anything.

Slow performance I don’t know as much about, but that’s usually because you have too many items in the Complete section. (Or in general.)

— Morgan