'Completed' Auction Ending Tomorrow...?

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Avatar Spetznatz 10 post(s)

I’ve just added an auction that’s ending tomorrow (May 26) to JBW, but it’s put it in the ‘Completed’ section. it has, however, let me snipe on this ‘completed’ auction. So, the question is, will the snipe fire? Have emailed a screenshot separately to Morgan.

MacOS X 10.8.2, JBW 2.5.2-0-g8e3723d

Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

What happened ?

Avatar Spetznatz 10 post(s)

It looks like the snipe fired – I didn’t win the auction, though… However, I’ve just added an auction that ends in SIX DAYS TIME and guess what? It’s gone into ‘Completed’.

Avatar Spetznatz 10 post(s)

Ah… right, found out what the problem is: if you add the auction when the ‘Completed’ tab is forefront, then the auction gets added there, regardless of whether it is a current auction.