Auction images not loading

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Avatar bobfry2 13 post(s)

Some auction images don’t load (but there is an image when viewed on the eBay page). This MIGHT happen only to newly loaded auctions, not sure of a pattern though. Refresh auctions doesn’t help. Not a big deal of course.

Avatar bobfry2 13 post(s)

Just now all images loaded…this after about 30 mins of not working. Had just loaded a new auction into a multi-snipe, at first its image didn’t load, then all did.

Avatar MEC2 61 post(s)

This looks like it might be a permanent failure as of now – I haven’t had images load in several days. eBay has apparently updated their web page layout… this is an ender for me, one of the reasons I use JB is for it’s image storage capability.