Time left: N/A, JBidwatcher useless!

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Avatar Yeti88 24 post(s)

I’ve gotten used to current prices showing as “1.00 (FP)” and have used the work-around for months. For a few days now most of the time (as we know eBay not always) time left shows as “N/A” thereby making sniping impossible! Morgan, please help!

2.5.3pre3-2-g03a9bc3, Java 7u13, ebay.de

Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

I had this last week

Rebooted and it came back

My usual tech solution
Turn it off and turn it on – works

Avatar afleance 44 post(s)

Same thing happened to me. I am tracking 100s of auctions with jbidwatcher, and about 20% of them are showing N/A for Time Left. Haven’t been able to find a pattern. Sometimes doing “Update Auction” fixes them, sometimes restart fixes, but for some nothing fixes them.

Avatar MEC2 61 post(s)

Refresh eBay session and then update the auction, almost always works for me.

Would like a less buggy release though soon… .4 is a disaster, it eats auctions and doesn’t disgorge them.

Avatar afleance 44 post(s)

I tried ebay->Refresh ebay session then updated auctions with “N/A” Time Left, but still didn’t fix them.
I’m stilling using 2.5.3pre3, because the initial feedback on 2.5.3.pre4 sounded like it had new problems with auctions disappearing.