jbidwatcher on wrong time zone

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I set server to ebay.de (GMT +100) in the configuration of jbidwatcher and get:

Tue Sep 18 15:39:31 GMT+01:00 2012: JBidwatcher 2.5.2-0-g8e3723d (this looks correct)
Tue Sep 18 15:39:38 GMT+01:00 2012: Time delta with ebay.com is -25151871 (why telling me that?)
Tue Sep 18 15:39:39 GMT+01:00 2012: Time delta with ebay.co.uk is -25152494 (why telling me that?)

On jbidwatcher frontend clock I read the time GMT-600 (08:39 following the example above).
But i always use the german account and server (GMT+100). I miss some snipes due to this problem.
The log file will show:

Auction 312312121212 appears to have been removed from the site.

It happens because the auction was ended and jbidwatcher did not realize that
because it is using GMT-600. It is also adding 7h to “Time left”, as shown at
the frontend. How to force jbidwatcher use german time server?

thx for any help!


jbidwatcher 2.5.2 on ubuntu 12.04/64bit

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Hi, Sounds like your Ubuntu timeserver is set to the wrong timezone and that you are on PDT not UTC. I suggest you check and make sure that your county and city are correct with Ubuntu.


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No, my ubuntu has correct time/zone:

$ date
Tue Sep 18 17:55:44 CEST 2012 (thats right)