Strike Through - Not Communicating with Server

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Q. What means, if my eBay name (in the right top corner) is cancelled?
A. If your eBay name has a ‘strikethrough’ over it, it means
JBidwatcher is having trouble logging in as you, and it means that a snipe
on your behalf might not fire. You should hover your cursor over the
strikeout, and a tooltip should pop up and let you know what it thinks is wrong.

My C drive went down the tubes. Reloaded JBidwatch but now when I try to set up a snipe in ebay adult I get the message “Cannot add auction xxxxxxxxxx, either invalid or communication error talking with the server.” There is a strike through over my user name and the date and time info at upper right. When I hoover over the strike through as suggested in the Q&A above, I get “Last log-in was successful. Communications failure talking to the server.”

Any ideas on a fix appreciated.

Avatar notekie 4 post(s)

Sighhhh… Really need some help with this. Anyone?

I’ve used JB for a few years now and never had a problem. This may something I am doing or not doing. If someone thinks I’m just overlooking some simple item – please say so.

Thanks much…….

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I experienced a few login problems yesterday after upgrading to the latest version 2.5. I didn’t need any of my previous auctions so I just deleted the whole .jbidwatcher folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Username\.jbidwatcher) and re-installed.

Might work for you too if something is corrupted inside that folder

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Hi, Go to ‘File’ then ‘Configure’ and if prompted enter your Username and Password (redo as you might have entered the password incorrectly) press the ‘Test Login’ button. If not prompted for your Username and password click on the ‘Ebay’ tab and enter them again here If you get the reply ‘Successfully logged in’ then job done. If you get ‘Login failed’ then click ‘Firewall’ tab (if you don’t see the tabs then click on advanced first) – do you need to enter a proxy here or is there a proxy listed here that you do not need. Enter or delete as neccessary then go back to the ‘Ebay’ tab and re-test. Should now be working…….


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Thanks guys. Here is what I didn’t do from news and the FAQ and have since rectified: “Remove Mature Audiences from the eBay configuration display. It’s my #1 support problem for user having trouble logging in. It’s still accessible from the Advanced Configuration setting, as ‘ebay.mature’ (without the quotes), and it’s described in the FAQ.”