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Hello All,

I am completely new to JBidwatcher but had been a long-time Bid-O-Matic user. Recently there have been horrible problems with BOM secondary to changes eBay keeps making (and making and making and switching back. . .) that make it very difficult to extract the information needed to snipe. After setting up JBidwatcher I immediately noticed that the “Time Left” field is reading “N/A” for any auction added, whether one has set up to snipe on it or not. Is this a bug with JBidwatcher? Will snipes still go through? Thank you in advance for your assistance. JBidwatcher has a beautiful user interface and looks to be a wonderful tool, I’m just not certain whether or not it’s being subject to the “whims of eBay” in the way BOM has been or if the way the auction information is extracted “under the hood” is radically different.
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JBidWatcher is the same as any other ‘snipe’ program and has problems when Ebay start making changes. You shouldn’t be seeing N/A for the time left for auctions but you will see it for ‘Buy it Now’ sales as Ebay no longer displays the time left for these type of listings in ‘Watch Lists’ or ‘Searches’ – can’t imagine why? How do you add listings to JBidWatcher? I normally do my searches in Ebay and then add them using the ‘Get My Ebay Items’ menu item. I wouldn’t expect your snipes to fire if JBidWatcher doesn’t know when to fire them. Do make sure you are using the latest version of JBidWatcher – 2.1.5.