Many issues with 2.1pre5 OS X

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First, I’ll admit that I’ve not used jbidwatcher in awhile because:

A.) I haven’t had the money to buy a lot of stuff on eBay and,
B.) The last time I used an earlier ‘pre’ version, it didn’t work or me

But I decided today, since I had time, to come back and try it again, downloading the latest pre5 update.

Oh boy…where to begin?

First – I TRULY APPRECIATE all your hard work on this! I know it can be a thankless job and it takes time to work out the bugs. I hope my feedback is taken as constructive because I’m not here to complain and look for another similar software – I want JBidwatcher to succeed and be the best option out there!

I should also say I’m using 2.1pre5 on a MacBook running OSX 10.5.8 will all the latest system updates.

I guess I should first start with MY expectations – which I think are pretty reasonable and would apply to most end-users. When I launch JB and the “current” tab is show by default, assuming my eBay info is already setup and tested to be working in the prefs/setup, then I would EXPECT JB at least to login to eBay, and download and display all auctions I’m currently bidding on AND am watching automatically without any prompting from me. At least for me, it currently does not do that. It displays nothing at all in fact, even though it says it has synch’d with eBay. If I try to force an update, it also doesn’t do anything. Argh.

Now, I’ve used it before when it worked, so I know that it MUST, right? And I WANT it to work. But can you imagine a NEW user who runs into what I have? I mean, if the basic functions that the app is suppose to perform don’t work, what do you think that new user will do? Go skim thousands of posts to figure out what they are doing wrong? I doubt it. They’ll probably just look for something else. Again, I AM NOT looking for something else – just giving you feedback from the standpoint of both a semi-experienced user as well as what a new user might be seeing.

Ok – moving on…

I thought maybe quitting it and relaunching my reset something – so I tried – and it did…I think. When I relaunched, I was greeted with 1 item in my current items list, and a new tab call “My eBay.” What’s curious about this is that the 1 “current” item is a watched item that doesn’t appear in the “My eBay” list, and NONE of the “My eBay” items appear in the “current” list. What’s more, I am currently watching 6 items and have bid on 2 on eBay. Between the “current” and “My eBay”, I see 5 of my 6 watched items and NONE of the items I’ve bid on. (mind you, these numbers may change over time after you read this, so I’m going by my current status.)

I’ve glanced over several of the tips-n-tricks posts – such as the one about changing the search for the My eBay tab to send items to current instead. Did that, but it only partially worked. It got several items, including current and completed items – but NOT ALL of them. Bringing up more questions like, why is it not taking completed items off my current or My eBay lists altogether? Isn’t that the point of the “complete” tab? Yet there is nothing under the “complete” tab through any of this. Frustrating.

There’s more – but maybe I should stop here for now just in case I AM doing something wrong. I am hoping that’s the case, but I consider myself fairly tech-savvy. I am wondering if there are other users out there (using the Mac version) that just have been too frustrated with it they don’t know where to begin to post about the issues. As I said, my goal is to improve the product, not tear it down – so I look forward to your replies. Thanks for your time.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

I want you to know that I’ve read your message, and I really want to answer your questions as much as I can, but my time is limited just now. I’ll get to it as soon as I can, though.

Fundamentally, ‘My eBay’ functionality has always been a thorn in JBidwatcher’s side, because it’s one of the areas eBay experiments with the most.

I’ll try and help, and answer more of your questions, soon.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

Are these really “issues”?
I never expected bidwatcher to automatically download all the auctions I’m watching or bidding on.
Not that I read the user guide to see if it should do that.
I use it to snipe and track the closing price of the odd type of auction beyond the timeframe that ebay provides that information.

Seems it is hard enough for Morgan to just keep up with ebay’s constant changes when it comes active auctions without having to worry about the changes ebay implements constantly i the “My eBay” area.

Avatar Frank P. fro... 71 post(s)

…ooops, all auctions are there but only visible when selected … first thought was background could be responsible, but deleting it (after deleting the colour number first without success) didn’t change it (MacOS X 10.4.11)

Avatar TheBee 2 post(s)

Well helloo! :)

it’s reasuring to see this thread as I am going through the same issue and seems so unreal to me that at a moment that I wondered if I was not “drunk without drinking”.. lol

On an iMac G5 2GHz 1GB RAM running latest Tiger (10.4.11) here.

The GUI is beautiful, the idea great, I love it! … but the fact that I cannot see the list ! hehe
indeed I add the items using the huge “+” sign, but they never show up.

at some point I noticed that they were indeed “there”, as by consistently clicking and hovering over the items, a tiny part if whats written appeirs (part of the number, or the title, or the time left) but nerver a whole line and never more than one item. also need to click a lot before the little part appeir.

Why do I say I like it still ? because I manage to run it “blind” lol

I click “max” and then when snipe has not been set, I know that the item hidden right there has to be so I blindky “right-click” and set it. then it disapeir again but unless someone else bid it should be fine.

Let me try to take a snapshot..

Here is one of the window, filled with items.
I am not kidding. We dont see it but this window is completely filled with items.

Here is another with the same window but force to click and click again, we can manage guess what item, part of it’s description finally appeirs on the list (this is the most information that ever appeired about an item at the same time on the same line so far).

So never know what’s there really, you just try to remember what’s in it and in which order you brought them in, then count down the spaces and guess where is what, right-click, and hope it’s the right one lol.

Asside this tiny issue, as I said, I love it and it would be wonderful to be able to use it normally.

Thanks for this ..

Avatar TheBee 2 post(s)

I thought I’d try and install an older version but none is available. The links I found were down..

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

@TheBee I’m really sorry; it’s an interaction between pre-Leopard Java and an attempt I made to improve the UI. It’s discussed on the bug tracking site, along with an interim version just to fix that problem, but I never pushed to the broader audience.

I’ll be doing a new release in the next day or so that will include that fix, as well as a bunch for recent eBay issues and changes.

Thanks for bearing with me!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!