Does not import all bidding items

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I’m just starting out with JBidwatcher and it shows great promise but I’m having some issues with it importing the open items I have in my Bidding list. Currently, in eBay, I show 91 open bids. In JB I only see 10 listed. I’ve tried Update Auctions and it doesn’t load any more than these 10.

I tried adding a URL search via the search manager as suggested in one of the forum messages (
That actually sucked in a small hadfull of old won bids from a month ago but not the rest of the open bidding list.

Is it st to only grab the first page of the bidding items in the eBay bidding list? Is there some kind of quantity threshold I need to set? I really want it to load all or at the very least all open bids for the next 24 hours.

I’m using WinXP PRO SP3

Thanks in advance

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I see the same behavior. Actually, I found if you click Page Options you can set “Choose the number of items to display per section on your summary page:” to 25 instead of the default 10, and then JBidWatcher will load 25 auctions instead of 10.

I agree, it would be really nice if jbidwatcher loaded all the auctions.

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Login to and go to your My Ebay page and then select Watch (watched items) – scroll down the page and near the bottom of the page on the right hand side change the Items on page to 200. JBidWatcher will then import all your watched items.