Please someone can post Beta 11

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Avatar isa-d 8 post(s)

I have serious problems to display some auction on JBidwatcher 2.0, someone can upload JBidwatcher 2.0 beta 11 or 10?
I don’t find them on Google and I don’t saved a copy on my PC.

Avatar Michael in V... 5 post(s)

Send me an email ( and I will email the beta11 .exe file to you. Michael

Avatar MIG 1 post

here the same problems. Please, I need a old version for Ubuntu. Someone can help me and send it to or give me a URL, where I can find it?

Avatar Hoddy 108 post(s)

You can download the JBidWatcher Windows executable 2.0 Beta 11 from here:


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

I would far rather you tried the pre-release of 2.0.1, so I can determine if these problems are fixed…

Okay; I’m putting up a 2.0.1 pre-release based on SVN revision 819. You can tell the version number by looking in Help | About and looking for 2.0.1pre2-819.

It’s available via:


Mac OS X:

Linux & other:

This is a total test version; it will not be very fast, and it will create a really large file named ‘derby.log’ in the JBidwatcher data directory, but if you have any more problems, the logs will help me a lot. It may also create a ‘recovered’ tab, which will have auctions that had gotten orphaned. The listings you added, and couldn’t re-add after closing and restarting aren’t orphaned, they should show up in the ‘right spots’, as per where they were before. It should also fix the CPU overload/freeze on startup.

I believe it will also fix the ‘freeze on check login’ problem. It’s a CAPTCHA problem which means JBidwatcher’s not going to be useful to you anyhow until the CAPTCHA goes away, but at least JBidwatcher won’t freak out anymore, and will basically recognize it.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!