Old Logs...Keep Them of Delete Them?

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While getting a log to send in for troubleshooting here, I noticed that my folder that keeps them all (.jbidwatcher) is is rather large. The folder is almost 28 gigs. I have a number of old logs that are over a gig each, and one log from just a couple weeks ago is actually close to 13 gigs. Do I need to keep these for some reason (so the program can run or old auctions still show up under the “Completed” tab)?
I like having old auctions available in JBW to look at but at some point I need to look at how much space is being used up.
Thanks for any advice-

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I deleted over 10G of old error log files from the .jbidwatcher file a few months ago, and have had no problems from it. If you open one it’s a list of problems, not of your auction items (unless there was a problem with one), so seems disposable.

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This is a good question, I should put it in the FAQ

Yeah, you can kill anything named errors.##.log without consequence. The things you really can’t get rid of are *.cfg, and the jbdb and platform directories. You should probably not delete the *.xml files; JBidwatcher 2.x doesn’t read from the auctions*.xml files under normal circumstances, but they’re really useful as backups, and usually not terribly large. The searches.xml file has your saved searches, so you really don’t want to delete that.

The auctionsave directory can be deleted and JBidwatcher will cope, but it’s where all the thumbnails are stored, as well as compressed copies of the HTML of auctions past. This is mainly useful if the auction isn’t listed on eBay anymore; you can view it through JBidwatcher’s internal web server and it’ll load the cached copy. If you want to keep the thumbnails and lose the cached copies of the HTML, you can delete auctionsave/*.html.gz*

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!