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Avatar Hoddy 108 post(s)

Hi Morgan, None of the watched items are completed items. They ranged from being completed in 2 hours to 5 days? It seemed to be however all the items I had added to my Ebay watched items this morning. Log starts with “Notify Failed to load all auctions”. Is that any help? Is there any more info I can give you?

Regards Hoddy

Avatar seah0rse 5 post(s)

Hi, I too am having problems using version 2.0-800. I am using the Australian ebay but it will only display those items I added to my watch list today – not the active items that were in the list previously. It does not appear to be related to the max of 10 issue discussed previously. Here is a snip from my log..
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Error setting up scripting: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jruby/runtime/builtin/IRubyObject
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Loaded the appropriate driver.
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Connected to database jbdb (JBidwatcher DataBase)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Loading listings from the database (2/74/74 entries, 74/74 auctions)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Done with the initial load (got 2 active entries)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Auction Entries loaded
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Snipes loaded
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Snipes processed
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: findAll: 30.0 × 1(30)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: setServer: 0.0 × 2(0)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: addEntry-current: 15.5 × 2(31)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: counts: 52.0 × 1(52)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: addEntry: 23.0 × 2(46)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: splash: 0.0 × 2(0)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: getAuction: 6.0 × 2(12)
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Last 10 from addEntry: 38, 8
Wed Feb 18 15:34:33 CST 2009: Failed to load all auctions. [xxx@ebay: 18-Feb-2009 15:34:33 CST/18-Feb-2009 15:34:33 CST]

Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

Hi Morgan
One thing I did find from your suggestion to visit
When I go to it only shows 10 watched items which I changed to loads more
Unfortunately I have bigger problems with 2.0 so don’t know if that may have solved the problem
When I said “Muppett” earlier not only am I tecnhologically challenged I do stoopid things too !
Hope this is useful

Avatar seah0rse 5 post(s)

Hi All, I have a workaround which worked for me. I deleted my jbidwatcher folder in preferences on mac osx. This fixed the issue of loading ‘old’ but active watched items and the number of items loaded. Hooray. Basically this rebuilt the DB and my settings were preserved. Cheers Tim

Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

The answer was, as Morgan suggested in
Go there, log into your account
Bottom right
Change from 10 to as many as you want !
Mike (usually on

Avatar mr_lunch 3 post(s)

I had the ‘only loading 10 items’ problem so I tried the above — not quite the fix for me.

I’m usually on the server, so I logged in to the .com (with its hideous beta interface) to change the settings there. As far as I can tell jbidwatcher is getting its watched items from whatever the default myEbay page is set to (generally Summary) rather than the specific Watched Items one. I didn’t seem to be able to get more than 25 to load (the maximum available under Page Options on the default Summary page) when there were 65 active items in the list.

In order to fix this I also went to ‘General Settings’ at the top right, and set ‘- Watching’ as the default page.

That doesn’t read very clearly… I’ll list it:

  • Go to myEbay on (the US one)
  • At the top right of the screen there’s a General settings link. Use it to ’Set your default My eBay page to “- Watching”
  • If it’s not displaying the Watch page, click that link in the left hand menu
  • At the bottom right of the Watch page, increase the number of items per page to suit your taste. 200 ought to do it.
Avatar Hoddy 108 post(s)

Thanks mr_lunch – JBidWatcher now loads all my “Watched” items. I’ve found however that by changing the General Settings to All Buying worked even better as JBidWatcher now loads my “Completed” (Won) items as well!! Success at last. If you are having problems with JBidWatcher loading all your items try this first!!


Avatar mr_lunch 3 post(s)

Good tip. I’ll give it a go — Cheers

Avatar LowBidder 1 post

2.0.1-825 loads NO items, but when I use 2.0.b11 (older version) it loads all the ‘My Ebay’ items. So I switch back and forth as they seem to use the same database. I’m using Win XP SP3.

Avatar Hoddy 108 post(s)

As from today (Friday 27th Feb) JBidWatcher Version 2.0.1 has stopped loading my “Watched” items (actually loaded 5 out of 125 items)! Version 2.beta11 still loads all the auctions. Anybody know what might have changed??


UPDATE – JBidWatcher is only loading my “ACTIVE” items (5). Does not load any other items (133).

Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

I had the problem loading any more auctions today, 28th
Made the change Hoddy suggested – works !
Thanks Hoddy.
I had already changed Watched to 200 and it didn’t work
They are all back now
So next time we have any problems one of us goes to and changes things until it works again !

Avatar Junks 10 post(s)

I also had the problem in the UK & changed it but it made no difference, then decided to logout of the UK site & login to .com & changed it there too & it works again!! Cheers ;-)

Avatar Count_2_Zero 1 post

For german ebay-sites perhaps someone will find this useful:

If you have just 10 items listed in JBidwatcher, it’s just the condiguration in the watched items tab in your ebay-account.
This is where you can set the amount of your watched items per page:

Mein Ebay -> Tab ‘Aktivität’ -> ‘Zusammenfassung’ -> ‘Kaufen’ -> ‘Beobachten’ -> rechts unten erscheinen dann wieder links, wo man die Anzahl der Artikel pro Seite einstellen kann.

It’s not so easy to find, because the default setting doesn’t show the configuration links for the visible articles per page, you just have to set it up by clicking into the ‘watched items’ tab. Sometimes configuring your ebay settings takes more time, than debugging an application in Linux ;-).

Before I forget: I use JBidwatcher 2.1pre4-1010 and it all works fine (for now… ;-) ) Unfortunately i’m unemployed, but I will donate a few bucks to you as soon as possible, because I want that great project to be kept alive! Good Work, Morgan!

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