JBidwatcher no longer works for me. Any alternative?

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I am sorry but it seens I cannot use JBitwatcher anymore for the reasons described here: http://forum.jbidwatcher.com/forums/7/topics/1639

Can anyone suggest any free and reliable alternative for the time until CAPTCHA displaying will be inplemented in JBidwatcher?

Thank you.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

There isn’t any software that will bypass the CAPTCHA; that’s the point of CAPTCHA’s, to prevent software from logging in.

Most people find the approach in the FAQ to work for them. Stop using JBidwatcher, log in via your browser normally, etc… I’d also note that you should be very sure that JBidwatcher has your correct username and password, or it’ll fail to log in, which will trigger the CAPTCHA.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar Scotty G 5 post(s)

I too have similar problem. No CAPTCHA in Safari but JBid now says there is one and can’t login. Something has changed as I’ve been using JBid for years, just don’t know what.

I tried everything in the FAQ.

Hope someone can help figure this out. I really rely on JBid

Thanks, Scott

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I had a similar problem. I contacted eBay and they said there was no suspicious activity on my account and there was no CAPTCHA applied. For the heck of it I changed my eBay password to something more secure (letters, numbers, symbols) and then revised password in JBidwacther’s Preferences and immediately was logged in. No more issues.

Avatar Scotty G 5 post(s)

Thank you for the tip, it worked! It seems that my eBay password needed to be longer. It’s been 5 character alpha only for years, but all of a sudden this Captcha error with JBid but not with browsers. So I changed to a 7 char one with mixed alpha numeric and now JBid works again.