Bids/snipes don't work...bug?

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Avatar yetson 1 post

Thanks for coding such an excellent program Morgan, but I have a major gripe with Jbidwatcher at the moment. None of my bids work, although the information on the panel is displayed correctly.
I’m attempting to bid (the config page is set to
but everytime I bid, the error report gives me a webpage that is directed to the US ebay website. I’m still logged in and it shows the item i’m currently bidding on, but the Ebay page is clearly US. So what am i doing wrong? any help would be appreciated

JBidWatcher (1.0.2)
Locale: Australia

Avatar bobfry2 13 post(s)

I have the identical complaint, though for USA eBay. I’ve never enjoyed a successful attempt at sniping.
For instance, in this auction (300179942877) it begins preparing the snipe (I set the advance time to 120 seconds to give it lots of time), then simply gives up. JBidwatcher 1.0.2 and it was part of a multi-snipe.

Listing ended at
Thu Dec 13 18:23:00 PST 2007
Listing is ended. Events
Sun Dec 09 16:52:56 PST 2007: Cancelling snipe. (1)
Thu Dec 13 18:20:20 PST 2007: Preparing snipe. (1)
Thu Dec 13 18:23:09 PST 2007: Cancelling snipe, auction is reported as ended. (1)
Thu Dec 13 18:23:09 PST 2007: Cancelling snipe. (1)

Avatar bobfry2 13 post(s)

OK, I tested against auction 150194149783.

It didn’t work and this is the Information:

Thu Dec 13 20:03:03 PST 2007: Preparing snipe. (1)
Thu Dec 13 20:03:07 PST 2007: Loading bid request… (1)
Thu Dec 13 20:03:08 PST 2007: Failed to bid. ‘Show Last Error’ from context menu to see the failure page from the bid attempt. (1)

This is part of the Last Error page,
but I can’t see anywhere on the page an obvious error message….

vscript type=“text/javascript”>(function(){ var _d = vjo.dsf.EventDispatcher; var _r = vjo.Registry; _d.add(‘body’,‘load’,function(event) { return vjo.Registry.get(‘gnh_0’).promote2body(); }); d.add(’v4-gnh1’,‘click’,function(event) { return vjo.Registry.get(‘gnh_0’).onClosePanel(); }); d.add(‘v4-gnh_2’,‘click’,jsEvtgnh2()); })(); vjo.dsf.ServiceEngine.registerSvcHdl(‘OPEN_OVERLAY_PANELv4-gnh_0’, new vjo.darwin.core.overlaypanel.VjOverlayPanelOpenSvcHandler(‘gnh_0’)); vjo.dsf.ServiceEngine.registerSvcHdl(‘CLOSE_OVERLAY_PANELv4-gnh_0’, new vjo.darwin.core.overlaypanel.VjOverlayPanelCloseSvcHandler(‘gnh_0’)); vjo.Registry.put(‘gnh_0’, new vjo.darwin.core.overlaypanel.VjOverlayPanel({"closeMaskServiceName":“MASK_CLOSE_SERVICE”,leftOffset,“overlayCompId”:“v4-gnh_0”,openDelay,“arrowBR”:“bas-olp-arrowBR”,“postOpenedServiceName”:“OVERLAY_PANEL_OPENEDv4-gnh_0”,isCloseOnMouseOut,“postClosedServiceName”:“OVERLAY_PANEL_CLOSEDv4-gnh_0”,“arrowBL”:“bas-olp-arrowBL”,adjustSize,verticalAlign,closeDelay,“openMaskServiceName”:“MASK_OPEN_SERVICE”,topOffset,“arrowTR”:“bas-olp-arrowTR”,hasMask,“horizontalAlign”:“left”,“arrowTL”:“bas-olp-arrowTL”,isShownInCenter));
Avatar bobfry2 13 post(s)

OK, never mind…I had the wrong password!

But it does bring up another point. I was fooled for days in thinking it was logging in correctly because it said it retrieved the login cookie. Couldn’t it test immediately if it can login or not, instead of waiting ’till the last seconds—literally—at a snipe?