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Avatar beachnik 10 post(s)

In upper right corner of jbidwatcher, it correctly shows my ebay id indicating that I am logged into ebay.

I have a browser (Safari) open and logged into ebay.

I set up the snipe (everything goes as one would expect), but found out after bidding ended that my bid was not submitted.

I open ‘Error page’ – it states that I was not signed in to ebay.

Hmmm, what do I do wrong?

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jbidwatcher: 1.0.2
Mac OS X 10.4.10
Safari v3.0.4

I saw a separate reference to CAPTCHA when signing into ebay. I’ve never seen a CAPTCHA on ebay.

Avatar beachnik 10 post(s)

Hmmm, one more note. After writing initial post, I decided to log out of ebay and then log back in to see if ebay might do the CAPTCHA thing. It didn’t.

Avatar beachnik 10 post(s)

False alarm. I screwed up.

In the upper right corner of the jbidwatcher dialog, it appeared as though I was logged in. I spent some time double checking everything and realized that I had misspelled my ebay ID. Hmmm, I would think that an error dialog would have popped up(?).

Oh well, after making the correction, I did a test – I found an item to snip ‘76,500 seconds before end of auction’ (surely, someone will outbid me on this unwanted item!). Jbidwatcher did exactly what it was supposed to do. Works perfectly!

Thanks…and sorry for the false alarm.