Problem parsing date

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starting some day ago I’m getting the following error:

Thu Nov 22 00:12:42 CET 2007: Error parsing date (Nov-14-077:32:49 PST), setting to completed.
java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: “Nov-14-077:32:49 PST
at java.text.DateFormat.parse(
at AuctionServer.figureDate(Unknown Source)
at AuctionServer.figureDate(Unknown Source)
at ebayServer$ebayAuction.checkDates(Unknown Source)
at ebayServer$ebayAuction.parseAuction(Unknown Source)
at AuctionServer.loadAuction(Unknown Source)
at AuctionServer.reloadAuction(Unknown Source)
at AuctionEntry.update(Unknown Source)
at Auctions.doUpdate(Unknown Source)
at Auctions.doNextUpdate(Unknown Source)
at Auctions.check(Unknown Source)
at AuctionsManager.checkAuctions(Unknown Source)
at AuctionsManager.check(Unknown Source)
at Source)

and similar ones repeated many times.

I’m using JBidWatcher-1.0.3pre2 on a Debian PPC with the IBM java macchine. I got the same error also with JBidWatcher-1.0.2. As I said few days ago it was working fine, now I don’t have time on item and I cannot bid. The other data seems there.

Any idea about what was the problem?