Multisnipe items going to completed tab, but still active in multisnipe group

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Avatar john 7 post(s)

Thanks for a fantastic program.
I use it continuously and couldn’t live without it.

Just one small issue –
I use multisnipes extensively.
But I regularly get multisnipe items, whose auction finishes,
then they go to the complete tab (as usual).
But they stay active in the multisnipe group.
This is obvious because their colour shading stays on.
The problem is, this still active item, prevents all future items, in the multisnipe, from firing.
If I manually update the auction information, for the item, it removes the shading.
But I now have to regularly have to check the complete tab, to do this.

Any ideas about a solution, would be much appreciated.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

This is a side-effect of JBidwatcher’s being unable to recognize the won/lost status of the auction. :(

I have a fix which makes it substantially better at recognizing pages, but it’s in the NG version, which is only marginally stable right now. (Marginally stable because it’s trying to store the information in a database, and I haven’t gotten that 100% just yet…)

I’m also exploring ways to allow JBidwatcher to ask for help automatically from my site (if allowed by the user) so I can get quicker feedback that something’s wrong, and maybe even provide a backup recognition method which I could tune quicker, so that people don’t see these issues for very long.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar john 7 post(s)

Hi Morgan
Once again thanks for the fantastic program, and for your informative reply.
It really is a very minor issue.
Most of the time, completed multisnipe items, don’t remain active in the group.
And it really is no trouble to check occasionally, in the completed tab, then right click on the item, and “update auction” will remove the colour shading. I really just mentioned it in the forum, in case it might help you in future development.
I might try and work out whats different about, the few items, that don’t have their won/lost status recognized correctly, because most do.

In general I find the way you can set up tabbed windows etc, and all the other features, make this
one of the best programs I have ever used. And its free !

I am just praying that JBidWatcher can keep working, because it seems like Ebay keep changing things.

regards John

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Thanks! I’m trying to keep things going… The big thing for me is that I need to move to the new version as soon as possible, as the changes so far are really deep, and it’s hard to keep two versions in synch. :(

— Morgan