300MB memory usage

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Avatar fedcas 9 post(s)

the program works fine except it uses more than 300mb of ram… I guess it is not normal… does someone else have the same problem?

I’m running Vista with 1Gb RAM

Avatar showcase1 16 post(s)

VISTA….??? ouch…!!

Try downloading ACE UTILITIES for XP-2. Duno if it supports Vista yet.

Run the program and let us know how your ENTIRE computer runs…..
Sounds like a REG problem….

Paste the link below into your browser… D/L and Run it!
Also worth paying for!!!


Avatar Darrell 12 post(s)

For once a Microsoft product is doing exactly what it supposed to do. Well behaved operating systems are supposed to use all available memory for the applications it is running then and only then use swap. Exactly how large are the application and its “libraries” and how would you change the way the memory model worked?

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

As much as I like bashing on Microsoft for all the laundry list of things they really do do wrong, application-specific memory issues are generally the application’s fault, not the operating system. (That said, the JVM is also a potential culprit, or at least the application’s use of the JVM and the JVM’s use of the operating system.)

However, I’m running JBidwatcher on Vista and XP/SP2 as well as Mac OS X (Tiger) and Linux at home, and I’m not running into that particular problem.

It looks like crap on Vista, unfortunately, because the column headers got all fubared (they’re way too large around the column text), but the underlying code works okay.

I’d love to know if there are regularly firing searches that you have running, and how many auctions you’re monitoring (including completed). You might be able to get that information by hovering over the tray icon, if it’s enabled. Also, if you know the version of Java you have installed, that would help.

Generally JBidwatcher doesn’t use 300MB of RAM. The idea is that it should be garbage collecting the memory it is using regularly. There’s a weak correlation with people experiencing memory issues and saved/repeating searches, but I haven’t ever been able to replicate it cleanly.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar nekrad 25 post(s)

Hi folks,

I just had a look at my box:

Virtual image size: 251M
Resident size: 56M
JVM: sun-jdk-1.5
OS: gentoo-x86

Avatar nekrad 25 post(s)

56M for such a small applications is a little big fat.
I’ll have a try w/ different jvm’s in a few days … let’s see it’s just sun-jdk that’s so hungry.
And maybe I’ll have a try w/ gcj.

Avatar fedcas 9 post(s)

Thanks to everyone… I think I found the problem…

I had more than 5000 auctions in the closed list, and jbidwatcher folder was bigger than 5gb :p

now I removed both the closed auctions and the log files and the memory usage dropped to 60mb… Is there a way to make jbidwatcher delete the closed auctions automatically after a while? For the moment I only found the options to avoid the archival storage of closed auctions, but nothing about the closed auctions list.

Answering to your questions:
I use Sun JVM 1.6
About 10 searches running every 6 hour
About 20 auctions monitoring

Do you think 60MB is good or I can further lower it?

Avatar fedcas 9 post(s)

is 60mb ok?