Multisnipe misifire

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Avatar bobbin51 1 post

I created a multisnipe using jbirdwatcher 1.0.2 — it was not a “dangerous” snipe, sniping time set to 5 seconds, and the auctions ending over a minute apart. I am now the proud owner of six ( ! ) computers. I did nothing special as far as adding items or changing individual prices, etc. Any idea why?

On the information page, each snipe has “unknown sniping error” followed by “presnipe login failed” x2.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


JBidwatcher has a lot of checks in place to prevent multisniping from actually sniping on multiple items, and if you’re getting a ‘presnipe login failed’, then it really can’t snipe on the items in the first place. The error message you describe specifically happens when it can’t get the cookies back from the server, and without the cookies it can’t actually place the bid.

In general, the only way that I can think of that JBidwatcher would fail to cancel the multisnipe is if it can’t determine who won the item.

That’s very weird; you’re saying it failed to log in twice, and yet it still managed to place the bids? Errrghh…

Can you give me the item numbers?

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!