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Tonight our company spoke to an insider at ebay. She has confirmed that Ebay has enacted new security measures to block all sniping software. This has effected our bidding and we have lost some 30 auctions today because of this.

This is a good time to share your stats, with the authors so they can get a fix out ASAP!!
Also see our posting under ebay news.

Back to watching the clock……

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Please stop with the all-caps posting. Give me a chance to determine what’s wrong. Right now there’s a problem recognizing auctions. Once I fixed that, bidding worked fine. I’ll poke at sniping in a little bit.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

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Morgan, thanks for your hard work and this great piece of software!

I am sniping just fine as of Nov. 9th. Just FYI.

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The new release of JBW is working very well! 27 out of 27 snipes! all at 100%
10 second lead time. 9 seconds to spare! is it my fast server behind our T-2 or is it the supurbe programing of JBW…. :)

They have rolled back all of the new security measures as I stated in the help link!
After all EBAY is NOT home land security! LOL.,…,…,…