Still confused about sniping and multisniping

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Avatar Darrell 12 post(s)

I’ve read the FAQ on snipping and multisniping and still seem to get something wrong. If I want to add another item to an already established multisnipe I use the following procedure (or at least I think I do):
Locate the item on eBay and copy the ID number.
Click on one of the items in the group (let’s call it the green group).
Click on auction and then add then paste the item number into the textbox.
Set up the price and check the shipping subtraction option.

But sometimes I run into trouble because there will be a shipping noted on the eBay item page but for some reason it does not grab the shipping and account for it. Therefore if I only want to pay a total of $30 including the shipping and the shipping is $10, I put in a snipe price of $30 and usually the shipping is subtracted from the snipe price which shows $20. However when there is no shipping price in the shipping column I adjust the Max bid to $20. This might be where I change from snipe to bid.

What should I be doing in this case?

And is there an option I might have chosen on eBay that tells me the shipping to my area Northeastern Oh but jBidWatcher only picks up the static shipping for everybody?