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First let me congratulate Morgan for all the effort put into jBidWatcher. It wins accolades.

As a new user I may be missing something very basic. This is my dilemma. When I mark an item to watch on eBay and later use jBidWatcher to BUY it, that item may end up staying in the Current section. And there doesn’t seem to be a way of moving it to Complete even after it has been shipped and received. I’ve noticed this behavior particularly when the Seller has multiple quantity of the same item. The item still stays in Current and gives the number of days left to sell.

I also seem to have a problem with an item I wish to purchase that is an “immediate payment required” item. It seems that buying it with jBidWatcher does not complete, and an error is generated. Is this normal? I have had to sign onto eBay with my browser and complete the transaction.

And although I do a very limited amount of buying on eBay it seems the few Sniping attempts did not success and the logs show:

Cancelling snipe. 1193085639900 Preparing snipe. 1193164652042 Cancelling snipe, auction is reported as ended. 1193164804177 Cancelling snipe. 1193164804177

or on another one:

Cancelling snipe. 1193085781076

These are for the same item but different ending times and different prices. Only the first one Sniped just before ending and the others are pending. I might point out that all the sellers of this item (a book) listed the item as Buy Now or Best Offer. Could anyone explain this to me. And is there a way of viewing these logs that makes more sense?

I might add that I am using OpenSuse 10.3 with Firefox if that helps. JBW is 1.0.2.