"Unknown sniping error", but the snipe succeeded. Huh?

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Avatar jemenake 6 post(s)

Ever since I’ve moved up to 1.0.2, I’m seeing popup balloons from JBW saying “Unknown sniping error bidding on {insert some item here}”. The weird thing is, however, that the snipes are succeeding.

So, it’s not a major issue. But, when I’m sitting at my PC… doing whatever, and then I see that balloon pop up, it ain’t good for my heart when I start panicking, thinking that I’ve 20 seconds to login to eBay and manually snipe… only to find out that it’s already taken care of.

Anybody know why it’s happening?

- Joe

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


eBay changed some text on the post-bid success screen, and JBidwatcher doesn’t recognize it anymore. You could try downloading the 1.0.3pre1 version, and see if that reduces the incidence of heart attacks…

I give pointers to it in a different thread on this board

Give that a try; hopefully it helps. I haven’t been able to finish up 1.0.3 full release, so 1.0.3pre1 will warn there’s a ‘newer version’ (that being 1.0.2), but just ignore that.

Let me know if it is easier on the heart. :)

— Morgan

Avatar Destro 8 post(s)

I’m using the 1.0.3pre1 version and got an “Unknown sniping error” today (bid was successful).

I can send in the error page from the advanced menu, if necessary…