jbidwatcher crashes for no reason

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Every now again (maybe once a fortnight) I come home from work, expecting my good old jbidwatcher to have guarded my snipe for me, and it seems that it has crashed.
1. Has anybody else experienced this?
2. Are there any logs I check for to determine what’s gone wrong?

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


Can you describe the crash? I.e. is it still running, but not responding, or has it exited entirely?

In general, JBidwatcher doesn’t exit entirely without major issue. Usually it means your Java Virtual Machine has crashed, and that’s generally a bad thing. I’d try to upgrade your JVM if it’s possible to do so, under the theory that if there is a crashing bug in your JVM perhaps the newer version won’t have it.

At this time, I know of no crashing bugs in JBidwatcher itself. There are occasional persistent reports of memory issues, which I’ve never been able to track down, but it still doesn’t crash the program when it runs out of memory. (It’s been years since there’s been an actual crashing bug in JBidwatcher, happily.)

There are log files kept in {your home directory}/.jbidwatcher and you might look for a file named something like hs_err_pid####.log which would be indicative of a JVM crash.

Let me know if you find anything!

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar candidrb 9 post(s)

Thank you very much for your reply, very much appreciated.
Just to let you know with regards to your questions:
1. It has exited entirely.
2. I have actually updated my JVM a few days ago.
3. There are no hs_err_pid files.
I will keep an eye out anyway.