Moving Current Auctions and snipes to another computer?

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Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

Can I somehow move my current auctions and snipes that are set from on computer to another and retain all the snipes?

I have 20 auctions in my current list – ten of those have snipes set for them that need to trigger from one to five days from now.

I’m going to be away from this Mac where I have the snipes set up and will be at another Mac (in another town) for seven days.
Is there any way for me to take these auctions and snipes I have set up with me to the other Mac? Either via email or by storing them on an external hard drive that I will boot from at the other location.

In the past, I just let the auctions run on the original mac – that works fine as long as I don’t decide to cancel a snipe which of course is impossible if you’re not on the computer where the snipes are set up. That’s why I want to move them – preferably without having to enter them again at the remote Mac.

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

You just need to copy over two files to the other Macintosh to preserve your settings/auctions. Because the files are in a hidden directory, the easiest thing to do is:

On both machines

  • open /Applications/Utilities/
  • type: ln -s ~/.jbidwatcher ~/jbidwatcher
  • quit

  • copy jbidwatcher/JBidWatch.cfg and jbidwatcher/auctions.xml from your home machine to the other Macintosh via email, CD or whatever
  • (remember to do the Terminal actions above, on the new machine too)
  • place the copied files in the jbidwatcher folder in your home directory

JBW should now be good to go.