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Unfortunately, JBidwatcher v1.0.2 had significant problems with timing, logging into my account and sniping (“unknown error”) and even just straightforward bidding. I went into the eBay webpages to attempt a saving effort on my 20+ watched items – all ending seconds after one another – and managed to win two of them, at least.

I attempted restarting the OS, closing all other major applications, restarting JBidwatcher a number of times, resetting my eBay ID and checkbox for Mature Audience auctions (all of these auctions happened to be Mature Audience, in this particular case), etc. No joy!

Timing was previously an issue earlier in the same day, despite having the checkbox selected to automatically synchup. Auctions refreshed in my local list find for status, but JBidwatcher later gave me a warning message after each restart attempt (and, near the auction endings) that it could not login before the snipe.

I’ve used JBidwatcher successfully for a long time now, so this isn’t a complaint. It’s been flakey for my use (i.e., more than 50% of the time it does not login properly or has a timing/unknown error) with Mature Audience auctions for about a month or so, lately. I’m hoping it will have better luck in future releases.

- wader

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As an update, I installed the first pre-release v1.0.3 and it thus far seems to be bidding fine for Mature Audience auctions.

- ooofest