Dutch auctions and JBidWatcher

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Avatar reidjam7 10 post(s)

Hello, fellow snipers.

I use JBid for watching my eBay auctions, as well as for sniping. Recently I posted some Dutch auctions with multiple items.

JBid doesn’t seem to recognize when bids have been placed on these or to be able to distinguish how many bids have been placed.

Anyone care to enlighten me on this subject? Your thoughts would be sincerely appreciated.

Yours truly,

Northern California

Avatar ssykes 1 post

I just won a Dutch auction in which 3 lots were for sale. The bid before the snipe was 29.50, I did my snipe at 37.90 and won at 37.90. There were no other bids so why didn’t it just put enough in to win? I am using ver 1.0.2 in XP.


Avatar Hoddy 108 post(s)

Hi, In Dutch Auctions the winning price is the LOWEST bid by any of the winners. ie In the auction you bid on your maximum bid was the lowest bid of the three winners (the other two had bid the same or more than your bid) so the bidding ended at your max (as it was the lowest bid). You can always tell what the lowest bid is in a Dutch Auction as it’s the price that the auction is now at. So if nobody but you had bid in this auction you could have bid the next minimum bid over 29.50 and still won. Hope that answers your question.


Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

I was caught like that in a dutch auction on ebay as well.
This has nothing to do with JBW, it’s the way ebay is set up and the explanation on ebay about dutch auctions is piss poor. I was confused that I won with my maximum bid, I was the only bidder – luckily the seller was just as confused and we agreed to complete the sale at the starting price of the dutch auction.