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1) how doo I know that Jbiqwatcher doesnt steal my ebay username and password or other personal details and transmit them to other persons?

2) how do I know that I will be the winning snipper?

a) I suppose I need a decent internet connection, is this corrent? how much mbits are needed? can the program calculate my speed and offer me the ‘best time before end to bid’ ?

b) can I set the program to bid a specific amount OVER the last bid? eg the last bid is 300, 2 minutes before end, so I need to bid +10 5 seconds before end (if another bid occurs, I want to bid +10 of the latest bid before the 5 seconds)

c) what is the advantage of this program than me entering manually my bid on the last second? the ONLY advantage of the program is that I dont have to be on the pc at that time? or it will be faster than me entering manually the bid? or any other advantage?

d) how reliable is this software, are there statistics?

e) other secrets for succesful snipping?

f) other similar programs comparison?

h) any advantage of the software over website snipping service? eg ? any free alternative to ?


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1) The source code is freely available so you can check it yourself if you are concerned about this. I’m sure it doesn’t do this so ensure you run binaries you download directly from or compile your own version to be absolutely sure.

2) You can never know until the auction has ended since no-one knows what anyone else will bid at the last minute. JBW can only tell you that the snipe you have set up is greater than the current bid and will be accepted by eBay.

2a) It won’t suggest a best time to bid as that’s something that down to a user’s preferred bidding style based on their experience with their internet connection stability; its speed and what element of risk the user is willing to accept that a bid will not go through in time. (10 seconds is fine for me.) JBW will track the time difference between eBay and your computer to try to ensure that whatever the snipe time you’ve set up is when it actually bids.

2b) No. Bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. You are more likely to win the item if there are additional bids at the end and way the winning bid is calculated by eBay means you will always win by the current bid increment, not your full bid amount. i.e. if you bid 100 and someone else bids 40 you will pay 41, not 100.

2c) You don’t have to be at a computer to place the snipe; JBW is more accurate and won’t forget to snipe. You can track more than 100 items on your watch list. Those are the main advantages for me but JBW has a lot of other features that people use to improve their overall bidding experience.

2d) I know of no statistics. JBW has always performed well for me. The only glitches have been when eBay has changed their text on their site which broke JBW’s parsing (this usually gets fixed very quickly though as it will affect all users simultaneously).

2e) Always bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. That’s the golden rule. This is not a guarantee – you will still lose items to people who are willing to bid more – that’s life. Wait for a similar item to be listed and try again.

2f/2h) I chose JBW over other software and bidding sites because:
i) free
ii) cross-platform (I use Mac OS X);
iii) source code is available (if there was a bug or feature that annoyed me I could fix it);
iv) under active development so bugs are being fixed and new features released
iv) it runs on my personal computer so I had fewer privacy issues to worry about
v) quicker interface when sorting etc. because it’s local rather than being a web service
vi) no annoying advertising or suggestions to upgrade to a “pro” package with additional charges

Try it. It’s free. If you don’t like it you can move on to something else easily. JBW has made my eBay experience so much easier and I’m sure it will for you too.