Problems dragging Uk auctions today

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Avatar digitalpasta 5 post(s)

Is anyone having problems dragging ‘n’ dropping UK auctions today. Pasting is OK, but the Time Left column displays as N/A ? I dl’ed 1.03pre1 but just the same.

Avatar digitalpasta 5 post(s)

Getting these sort of errors logged:
Wed Aug 29 17:13:06 BST 2007: Failed to load auction title from header: “PC2700 512MB Laptop Memory – (eBay item 330160395857 end time Aug-29-07 11:25:25 PDT)”
Wed Aug 29 17:13:06 BST 2007: Failed to parse auction! Bad return result from auction server.

Avatar JustAnotherUser 1 post

Similar here. It appears to be independent of the Ebay country, the auction and version of Java.
I can open the reported article in my browser and by copying the reported URL from the error.log to the browser

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Avatar digitalpasta 5 post(s)

A little bit more, although the date format does not seem unreasonable:

Fri Aug 31 14:42:02 BST 2007: Clipboard: System, valid flavors: [Ljava.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor;@1f3e7e8
Fri Aug 31 14:42:03 BST 2007: Error parsing date (31-Aug-07 14:43:36 BST), setting to completed.
java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: “31-Aug-07 14:43:36 BST
at java.text.DateFormat.parse(Unknown Source)
at AuctionServer.figureDate(Unknown Source)
at AuctionServer.figureDate(Unknown Source)
at ebayServer$ebayAuction.checkDates(Unknown Source)
at ebayServer$ebayAuction.parseAuction(Unknown Source)
at AuctionServer.loadAuction(Unknown Source)
at AuctionServer.addAuction(Unknown Source)
at AuctionEntry.prepareAuctionEntry(Unknown Source)
at AuctionEntry.(Unknown Source)
at AuctionsManager.newAuctionEntry(Unknown Source)
at JBidMouse.addAuction(Unknown Source)
at JBidMouse.cmdAddAuction(Unknown Source)
at JBidMouse.messageAction(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Avatar digitalpasta 5 post(s)

UK auctions droppable again. No idea what is going on, will try some low snipes to test.