1.0.2 won't quit or populate with auctions

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Hey all. Hoping I could get some help with this. For the last couple of days, jbidwatcher (on OSX) will not quit on command or from the file menu. Have to force quit each time so I can shut down/log out.

This last time I opened it, all my auctions had disappeared and when I try and sync with my ebay, it says it has, but nothing shows up. All my completed auctions are gone as well, only shows an end date.

I’m not too keen on Java based apps, so is there any way to ‘reset’ it. Any help I can get to get it up and running again would be great.


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


Well, for the second, take a look at:

For the first, I suggest (after you do the above and start JBidwatcher up again) trying to go ‘File | Clear deleted tracking’, and then close and restart (again) JBidwatcher.

This might help; it’s helped some who’ve had that problem, and not others, unfortunately.

Let me know how it comes out for you…

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar seaneee 5 post(s)

That seemed to do the trick. Thanks Morgan.

Avatar seaneee 5 post(s)

Okay, so that tricked def worked. Now it won’t quite, still have to force quit each time. Any ideas?