need help to run at debian

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I try to run it with Debian unstable. I make a small script like written and run it. I get this errors.

at FilterManager$AuctionListHolder. (source file unknown)
at FilterManager.loadFilters (source file unknown)
at JBidWatch. (source file unknown)
at JBidWatch.main (source file unknown)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke0 (
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke (
at org.kaffe.jar.ExecJarName.main (
at org.kaffe.jar.ExecJar.main (
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: mimeString: text/plain;; charset=iso8859-1 classLoader: null
at java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor.getRepresentationClassFromMime (
at java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor. (
at java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor. (
at JDropListener.getDataFlavor (source file unknown)
at JDropListener.setupFlavors (source file unknown)
at JDropListener. (source file unknown)
at JBidMouse. (source file unknown)
at AuctionsUIModel. (source file unknown)
at FilterManager$AuctionListHolder. (source file unknown)
…7 more
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:;
at java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor.tryToLoadClass (
at java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor.getRepresentationClassFromMime (
…15 more

kaffe -version
java full version “kaffe-1.4.2”

kaffe VM “1.1.7”

Copyright © 1996-2005 project contributors (please see
the source code for a full list of contributors). All rights reserved.
Portions Copyright © 1996-2002 Transvirtual Technologies, Inc.

The Kaffe virtual machine is free software, licensed under the terms of
the GNU General Public License. is a an independent, free software
community project, not directly affiliated with Transvirtual Technologies,
Inc. Kaffe is a Trademark of Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. Kaffe comes

Engine: Just-in-time v3 Version: 1.1.7 Java Version: 1.4
Heap defaults: minimum size: 5 MB, maximum size: unlimited
Stack default size: 256 KB

Some ideas?



Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


Download the Sun JRE from and install it. Make sure that your system is set up to use the Sun version of Java as the default.

If it’s not using the Sun version as the default, try explicitly using the full path to wherever you installed Java.

None of the old open source implementations (Kaffe or gcj mainly) of Java are production-worthy, unfortunately…

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

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Thanks Morgan

I build a .deb out oft the URL you gave me. It works.