How to use search options?

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Avatar sicofante 5 post(s)

I wonder if there’s any documentation (either from JBidwatcher itself or anywhere on the web) about search options to be used in the search string. I know I can use the minus sign to exclude words and parenthesis and commas to allow for “OR” searches, but that’s pretty it. Is there a way to get advanced search capabilities by using any sort of commands inside the search string?

For instance, I need to narrow my search to articles located in (or offered for shipping to) Spain. Although this is available as an option in advanced search at ebay, it’s not obvious how to include it in a search string (if possible at all).

Comparing search results from different ebay sites using my browser and the results returned by JBidwatcher, it seems JBidwatcher is always searching from (US site), even if I’ve set it to use (Spain).

BTW: Spain’s ebay site is no longer, but The former forwards you to the latter when you use a browser. Maybe that’s where the problem lies? Can I change this anywhere in the software? (I’ll be comfortable editing source files.)

But that’s just one case. It would be nice if all advanced optiones where available via the search string (or via options in JBidwatcher’s user interface…)

Avatar David M 19 post(s)

I find that the simplest way of doing complex searches in JBidWatcher is to use the URL Load option rather than using a search string. This is explained in the FAQ accessible from within the program itself. Basically, you use eBay’s own Advanced Search page to refine your search options, until eBay displays only the items you want, and then you load the resulting eBay URL into JBidWatcher.

Like yourself, I need specific options such as country availability (Sweden fought off this piece of Americana, so that was eventually closed down, and eBay then literally purchased their local competitor,, and also PayPal availablity (I am always an “international customer”, no matter who I buy from, and PayPal is thus essential), as well as often new/used. I find that the URL Load approach is the most effective way to get this type of refined search into JBidWatcher.

By the way, JBidWatcher does use the site as its standard for everything, thus hopefully by-passing all localisation issues. This should work because all eBay items are supposed to be available via all eBay sites. However, you can perform your Advanced Options search from another eBay site, and then load the resulting URL into JBidWatcher.