Failed multisnipe in 1.0.2 - possible bug?

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Avatar lbt 4 post(s)

I set up a multisnipe on some auctions for a water filter and was surprised to see some were not bid on.

I set the multisnipe up at 90 Euros and later changed it to 90.50 Euros. I did not tick the postage box.

JBw sniped 2 auctions but I was outbid (fair enough). The problem is that it didn’t snipe the next 3.
They all came up with “(E90.50)” in red in the Max column. I understand this to mean that JBw thought that the bid wouldn’t be accepted.

However the first 2 auctions were won at 78.13 and 69.95, the 3rd was won at 92.00
The third could simply have gone above my max before the snipe fired (again, fair enough) – to my mind the first 2 should have registered a bid though.

Possibly relevant is that my native currency is £ and the E/£ rate is 0.67?

I can supply the auction IDs if you’d like.

I am now sniping one at a time but if you think there’s an issue and want me to debug then I’ll try again. (The seller puts a couple of items up per day.)
If you think it’s just user error then that’s cool too (I’d appreciate knowing what I did wrong).

Next auction is up about 23-24hours after this post :)
Feel free to email me using my registration info if you like.

Avatar Tibo26270 13 post(s)

Hi can you provide your error.log file where these auctions appear ?

Avatar lbt 4 post(s)

Ah – didn’t know there was one – found it when I went looking :)

looks like an earlier, failed, snipe is still ‘active’.

Avatar Tibo26270 13 post(s)

The problem seems to be that JBW cannot update the previous auctions, so that it doesn’t fire in order not to make you win 2 (multisnipe)

Any connection problems ?

Avatar lbt 4 post(s)

There were some connection issues later – but not at auction time.