Time Sync failure or Snipe time bug?

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Avatar Jay 9 post(s)

I’ve missed another auction – snipe interval set to 17 seconds however bid placed 3 secsonds before auction closed (and it missed).

Something is screwy either with the bidding or the time sync here.
Check the events log.

Palau 1994 WW2 / World war 2 (300139793270)

$1.35 (3 Bids)
High Bidder
Your max bid
Listing ended at
Wed Aug 15 18:33:31 GMT+09:30 2007
Listing is ended.
Wed Aug 15 18:31:28 GMT+09:30 2007: Preparing snipe. (1)
Wed Aug 15 18:32:01 GMT+09:30 2007: Loading bid request… (1)
Wed Aug 15 18:32:32 GMT+09:30 2007: Done loading bid request, got form… (1)
Wed Aug 15 18:33:28 GMT+09:30 2007: Firing actual snipe. (1)
Wed Aug 15 18:33:28 GMT+09:30 2007: Submitting bid form. (1) [[THREE SECONDS??]]
Wed Aug 15 18:33:46 GMT+09:30 2007: Done submitting bid form. (1) [[15 SECS LATER?]]
Wed Aug 15 18:33:46 GMT+09:30 2007: Loading post-bid data. (1)
Wed Aug 15 18:33:46 GMT+09:30 2007: Done loading post-bid data. (1)
Wed Aug 15 18:33:47 GMT+09:30 2007: Snipe apparently failed, as the auction cannot be bid on anymore: Palau 1994 WW2 / World war 2 (1)

Avatar Tibo26270 13 post(s)


What’s the info displayed in Servers/Time Information ?
And did you enable time synchronisation in File/Configure

My interval of snipe is 8 seconds and I don’t get any problems (JB 1.0.2 on Win XP running FF

Avatar Jay 9 post(s)

Ebay delta is -3876
Page load is 7972
Yes Sync is enabled, but it doesn’t work (delta never changes unless I do it manually)

I would have thought that a Time Sync should occur automatically at the “Preparing Snipe” point to make sure, plus every time the auctions update. “It’s the only way to be sure….” :)

Avatar Tibo26270 13 post(s)

Do you have the correct value in the Advanced tab for ConfigurationKey Snipemilliseconds ?
Sync works fine by me…

Avatar Jay 9 post(s)

It’s the same as the earlier tab. 16000 = 16 seconds.
ebay time delta is now -12257
I had no problems fr last two years when on 1.00. Probs started abt six weeks ago with ebay changes.
Something is f*ed up here.

Avatar Tibo26270 13 post(s)

A question I didn’t ask before, do you have JBW 1.02 ?

Avatar Jay 9 post(s)

JBW 1.02, XP SP2, FF 2.006

Time Sync is now -13818

Avatar Jay 9 post(s)

Time info reported -16 seconds.
Synced about an hour ago, Time info was then zero.

Time info says it’s -10 secs again.


Avatar Jay 9 post(s)

Shut down PC, rebooted, started JBW again.
Time info is -13599

Why isn’t a time sync being done on start/login? Or don’t I understand how it works?