Can I run two separate JBW application at the same time?

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Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

I have discovered a lot more capabilities with JBW than just sniping.

So I wondered if I can run two of the JBW applications at the same time.

In one I would continue to enter ebay auctions for the purpose of sniping and in the other I would track auction and bid activity of a larger group of items.

Right now, everything shows up in the one “current auction” window which makes things confusing.

I guess the basic question is would JBW set up two separate independent databases if I launch the application twice.

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

If you somehow manage to run JBW twice for the same user then they will use the same files and corruption is highly likely. It sounds to me like you should create some new tabs (right-click a tab and select “Add Tab”) to handle the auctions you are particularly interested in (for example: “auctions ending today” or “auctions with snipes”) and use the “Send to…” context-menu to move those auctions to your new tab. You can then easily flip between the views you create.

If you want two independent instances of JBW running then you can create another user account on your computer and run JBW for each user. I’ve done that for when my father comes to visit and he doesn’t want to miss an auction he’s interested in (and I don’t want to miss out on mine!). It also allows me to snipe using his account rather than mine which keeps things simpler when communicating with the seller.

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Thanks Laurence,

I didn’t know one could add extra tabs.
That seems to be just what the doctor ordered, except…………that I think if I do a search using JBW, all the search results automatically end up in the “current” auction window.
Or is there a way to direct the search results to show in the new window which I have called “tracking”.
Tried selecting the new “tracking” window and then search while I was in that window expecting ebay auctions that were found to populate this window, but that didn’t work.
On a more general note, I assume there is no user guide for this application. I’m finding out that it has a lot more capabilities than meets the eye and is quite flexible.
How about if some users of JBW get together and write a user guide, I think that is really needed for an application that is this flexible and has a lot of built in capabilities in addition to the sniping. I find new ones almost every day.

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

The QuickStart guide and FAQ are a little out-of-date (see “Documentation” section on the home page) but I suspect that a more comprehensive guide would be a lot of work. A public Wiki is probably the way to go since it can be collaboratively built and amended by the users themselves.

As a case in point, yes, you can redirect your search queries to a particular tab. Open the search window (binoculars icon), select the search entry you are interested in and then click “Edit” button. A dialog appears showing the configuration information for the selected search item. One of the entries is a drop-down menu called “Destination Tab” which is where search results will be placed.

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Thanks again,

I just created two new tabs and redirected certain searches to them just for tracking purposes. I probably sound like a broken record – but I’m again amazed at the flexibility built into this software which I thought was just a basic sniping program.

As to Documentation – maybe I should start another tread to see what Morgan thinks about it.
I would certainly be willing to write up a portion on the features I’m using with OS X.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


sigh Documentation is my kryptonite. :) The best I’ve managed to do is the FAQ listed at the top, and the FAQ in the program, and that’s because I can extract all that from the (often detailed) answers I give folks by email.

It’s one of the reasons I created the forums here, so that people can share knowledge about the program, search what others have said, and it can serve as another source for folks to learn about the capabilities.

It’s also a failing of my UI design skill that it’s nearly impossible to learn about features like CSV export and printing, customizing tabs, and the internal web server… In my day job, I’m a back-end developer. I program JBidwatcher to, among many other rewarding things, learn about and improve my UI design knowledge.

I’ve been hoping to improve stuff in the ‘Next Big’ version of JBidwatcher, but that’s been true for a while…

…and I still can’t write documentation well to save my soul. :)

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!