can not add auctions

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Avatar ferdfarnsworth 2 post(s)

Love jbidwatcher, but as of v1.0.x I can’t seem to add auctions.

I can’t get the window to accept dropped urls in the current window as it used to – absolutely nothing happens. Using add auction button yields the “invalid or communication error” dialog.

Running OSX 10.4.10 with the latest JRE & jbw reports getting sign in cookie and will report existing auction details.

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

That sounds like 1.0.1 to me. You should install 1.0.2pre5:

Morgan, it might be time to release 1.0.2 and worry about any additional tweaks in 1.0.3pre1 :)

Avatar ferdfarnsworth 2 post(s)

Hmmmm… I thought I’d overwritten 1.0.1 with the new download, but apparently had not – 1.0.2pre5 did indeed fix the problem – thanx and sorry!

Avatar Bob3 9 post(s)

I just lost a $75 item to someone that got it for $36.
whine, whimper whimper whine
Looks like I better keep a closer watch on the forum here.
At least Morgan’s fine work has saved me a huge pile of $$ overall.
(yes, I have sent in a donation, you folks that have not yet already done so should get on the wagon) };-)