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Avatar Roger 3 post(s)

I just had a snipe cancelled a few seconds before bid ended because Sign In failed. I was watching the auction on jbidwatcher and saw the message come up. At the time my log in was showing ok on upper right hand corner. The Config mgr has the correct username & password. Here is log:

Listing ended at
Thu Aug 02 17:50:56 MST 2007
Listing is ended.
Thu Aug 02 17:48:45 MST 2007: Preparing snipe. (1)
Thu Aug 02 17:48:49 MST 2007: Loading bid request… (1)
Thu Aug 02 17:48:51 MST 2007: Not done loading bid request, got re-login request… (1)
Thu Aug 02 17:48:54 MST 2007: Done re-logging in, retrying load bid request. (1)
Thu Aug 02 17:48:54 MST 2007: Loading bid request… (1)
Thu Aug 02 17:48:55 MST 2007: Sign in failed repeatedly during bid. Check your username and password information in the Configuration Manager. (1)
Thu Aug 02 17:51:06 MST 2007: Cancelling snipe, auction is reported as ended. (1)
Thu Aug 02 17:51:06 MST 2007: Cancelling snipe. (1)

I’m using
JBidWatcher (1.0.2pre5) on a Mac 10.4.10

What am I doing wrong


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


I have no idea. You’re the second person reporting that today. :(

That log is pretty specific. It’s saying that when it tried to place the bid during snipe preparation, it repeatedly got a ‘login’ page, even when it logged in and tried again.

The normal operation is:

  1. Two minutes before hand, prepare the snipe.
    1. Log in (obtains the logged-in cookie)
    2. Place the bid, but save the confirmation information.
  2. At the time the snipe is suppose to fire, submit the confirmation form.

It sounds like 1.2 is failing, because when it tries to place the bid, it gets redirected to a log-in page. When it gets redirected like that, it tries to log in again (through the normal log in process), and try the bid again.

If the sign-in fails, it cancels the snipe, because it can’t bid as you, which makes attempting the snipe pretty much useless.

That’s the ‘what it’s doing’ side. What eBay’s doing here…I have no idea. :(

I can’t replicate it with a bid; I’m going to hunt for something small to snipe on, to see, but evidently it’s not on 100% of their servers, as some snipes work just fine.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

Corrupt cookie?

Avatar David M 19 post(s)

My recent experience with eBay may be relevant here. A few days ago eBay started insisting that I must enter a credit card number in order to “confirm” my identity. I was not allowed either to bid or to send messages to other eBay members until I did so. Previously, I could do both of these things unhindered, without having registered a card number with eBay.

Whenever I tried to do either of these two actions, I was re-directed to the login page (even though I was already logged in at the time), and then from there to the page for entering a credit card number. Entering a card number solved the “problem” (although I am not happy about the number being stored by eBay, since I will not be using it – I use PayPal).

So, anyone having JBidwatcher problems might like to try some manual actions, to see if eBay is doing similar things to them. If they have never given eBay a card number then this may explain the sniping failures.


Avatar Roger 3 post(s)

Just an update:
I again big on an identical item. The only thing I did different was early in the bidding and before I set a snipe I put in a bid using my browser. after I saw this bid registered on Jbidwatcher I set the snipe. This time the snipe worked and I am the successful bidder. I don’t know if adds useful info I can send the log if you like


Avatar robrub 17 post(s)

Hi Morgan,

I have missed 2 snipes with the login problem too and I had to bid via e-bay (which worked OK). I didn’t see anything different when I bid “manually”.

My initial post is in the announcments section. You can move to here if the correct place is here.

Using XP Pro SP2 and

Best regards.


Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

I have had the occasional log in problem with ebay when I was sniping manually years ago without jbw and I missed out on snipes then as well.
This could well be an ebay problem and has nothing to do with jbw.