Snipe amount in completed auction not what I had entered

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Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

I just had the strangest experience with JBidwatcher.

Wonder if there is any way to trace back what happened.

I was interested in ebay item 110150956197

Put it in my current auction list but did not set a snipe amount at the time (I think)

When the price hit a 100 Euros, I decided to put in a direct bid via Ebay (not Jbidwatcher) to see if my bid from would be accepted. I have had auctions where the seller has excluded certain ebay locations from bidding and if that happens when you snipe, you loose even if you are the high bidder.
Anyway, with my direct bid, I was immediately outbid, but at least I knew my bid would not be rejected because of location.

So I put in a snipe amount of 156 (or close to it, can’t remember exactly), that amount showed up on the JBid current auction page.

About 90 minutes before the auction was to end, I looked at it again and the current bid was now up to around 140, so I decided to increase the snipe to a bit over 160, around 162.66 or something like that. I just put in an odd number.

The auction ended and I was outbid.

I wouldn’t have won anyway with my maximum snipe bid, but what bothers me is that the snipe amount that shows up on jbidwatcher is 102, not the 162.66 that should be there.

So my question is, did JBodwatcher actually try to bid 102 or did it bid 162.66 and the 102 is just pulled off the ebay web page somehow.

Remember that I never entered 102 as a bid or snipe amount on jbidwatcher, I put that bid into ebay directly.

I’m using JBW pre5 on OS X. Another snipe on German Ebay 10 minutes later went through without any problems.

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

I think what happened here was:

- you bid 102 on eBay
- on the next update of the auction JBW would have detected that you’d bid and were winning and stored those details
- you add your snipe bid of 162.66 in JBW
- 20 minutes before the auction end someone else bids 172 so your snipe is going to fail
- a few seconds before the auction closes JBW attempted to snipe 162.66 but eBay wouldn’t accept it as a valid bid because it was too low (this should appear in the log)
- after the snipe fires the snipe amount is zero’d to indicate it shouldn’t fire again/allow you to enter a new value (if you’re fast enough!)
- after the auction ends your “snipe max” value is usually zero (- -) but because JBW noted that you bid manually earlier on, it instead shows you the last successful bid you made – the one for 102.

I don’t think there is an issue here but I can understand why you’d be concerned that the snipe might not have worked properly.

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

……….- after the auction ends your “snipe max” value is usually zero (- -) but because JBW noted that you bid manually earlier on, it instead shows you the last successful bid you made – the one for 102.

JBW doesn’t set the snipe amount zero after the auction ends.
In my completed auctions, the snipe amount is always shown, in blue if I won and in red if I didn’t.

I don’t know if I can attach a picture here to show you.

The log shows that JBW failed to bid,
The error page shows that the bid amount was too low,
but nowhere can I find which amount JBW actually bid.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


Laurence is right. You can think of it as JBidwatcher showing the highest amount it knows you successfully bid. Since the snipe failed because the price was too high, the highest amount it knows was successfully bid (even though not through the software) was the $102 amount.

In your completed auctions, JBidwatcher is showing the amount bid. The snipe never became your real bid, because the auction was already too high for it to. So at the end it’s showing the one high bid it could determine. (In effect there’s too much information to display, so it resorts to showing the best information it can.)

There’s usually some information in the log file (in /Users/{username}/.jbidwatcher/errors.##.log), if you had logging on, about how much it tried to bid, but I feel confident that it bid the amount you told it to, and when that amount wasn’t able to be submitted, it fell back to the best bid it knew did go through for display purposes, as lmop described.

— Morgan Schweers,Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

I just found it odd because up to now the “Max” amount shown in the completed auctions has always been the amount I tried to snipe for even if the snipe never went in because the auction amount was already higher than my snipe amount at the time of the snipe.
This was the first time this happened, but it was also probably the first time where this particular situation occurred.
The “Max” amount in the completed auctions shows up in several different ways, is there any description of what each one means?
Amount in blue – I won the auction
Amount in red – I lost the auction
but there are two other variations:
Amount in red with an asterisk just to the left of the amount, and
Amount in red in parentheses and with an asterisk just to the left of the amount outside the parentheses.

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

Note that “Max” and “Snipe Max” are different. Max is the actual snipe amount; Snipe Max is the snipe amount + shipping (I tend to use this since it’s the “true” amount I’m willing to bid). Snipe Bid is the same as Max but without the colour coding of bid status. There may be some other subtle differences between them that I don’t know though.

The colours and icons are described in the dialog box you get when you select: Help menu -> Explain colors and icons.

Red = you are not the high bidder
with asterisk = there was an error with the last bid attempted
with parentheses = your snipe value is lower than the minimum bid eBay will accept (i.e. your bid < current bid + bid increment)

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

Thanks Laurence,

I actually can’t use Snipe Max I don’t think because I bid on auctions in Canada, the US and Europe, and set my ebay shipping addresses up accordingly.
The next auctions coming up are in Europe, so I have set my ebay shipping address to Europe, if I then look at another auction in the US for instance, a scope, it shows the shipping cost as over $100 which is right for Europe but not for the US where I would have this shipped.
I assume if I tried Snipe max at $150 say, the actual snipe would go in at only $50 because the $100 shipping would be subtracted before sniping. Right?

Anyway, it looks as if my original concern was a non-issue. Thanks.