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I just set up a snipe for an item ending in about 2 hours. My bid was placed immediately and now shows up on eBay. My snipe was set for 20 seconds. I was using 1.0.2pre5 for the first time. Have I missed something?

Avatar hawkeye 25 post(s)

Hi I have set the snipe at 8 seconds and it works well at this time period if you have a good fast connection

Avatar towbar 3 post(s)

Thanks, but my problem wasn’t lack of a good fast connection. As I stated clearly, my snipe was placed onto eBay as soon as I put it into Jbidwatcher, ie two hours early, not held until 20 *seconds*before end of auction, as configured. That’s not really sniping in my book, I can do that myself if I want to. V1.0.1 didn’t have this problem.
Anybody else seen this behaviour?

Avatar hawkeye 25 post(s)

Hi Towbar, I got the jist of your post thats about 7200 seconds early, sorry not much help am I?

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


Send me your log file; I’m aware of circumstances in which it’ll bid when the auction was originally supposed to end if the seller extended it, but not anything where it’ll place the bid early when adding the snipe. The only things I can think of is that there was a time difference issue, and JBidwatcher thought the auction may have been over, and tried to place the bid immediately.

I don’t know if they’ll help, but if you send me the log file that contains the bid/snipe, I can look at it to see some information about it.

Is it possible (although unlikely with the latest version) that you chose ‘Bid’ instead of ‘Snipe’?

Anyhow, drop me that log file (at cyberfox via gmail, or via the email address in the About box) and I’ll poke at it and see what I can find.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar towbar 3 post(s)

Hi, sorry it’s taken a while to reply, I’ve been away. Your suggestion that I chose Bid rather than Snipe is absolutely correct. My apologies for the false alarm.

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………Your suggestion that I chose Bid rather than Snipe is absolutely correct.

I have done that a few times myself when I first started using bidwatcher.
At that time the bid button was right below the snipe button, but now the bid button has moved down a bit so that should help.